Maintaining a Digital Library

Maintaining a Digital Library

@xme posted an interesting dilemma on the SANS ISC InfoSec Forums contained within the post titled The Challenge of Managing Your Digital Library. He asked what seems like a simple question: "How do you manage your digital library on a daily basis?"

Before I get into that question, let me point out something about data creation. If you look at how much data is generated per day, per week, or per year, you find out it is a lot of data. There is plenty of generated data through InfoSec community. I have two lists in Inoreader providing plenty of reading information (RSS Links below):

Each one of these lists contains over 100 posts over the past two weeks. I am not stating all the posts in each of these feeds are perfect (or even put into the proper groups); however, it is just a small slice of information posted around the net dealing with two very hot topics.

How does someone manage all this information? One of the biggest problems, I personally have is how to always have access to it. Cloud services do provide a quick method of accessing the information as long as you secure it properly or trust the provider directly. With security being a major issue with cloud services, what can be used instead? Instead of using cloud providers, a personal cloud could be setup between at least one server at home and one offsite.

I have issues in certain jobs where accesses any cloud provider was strictly prohibited either by a company rule, firewall/proxy configuration, or no usable data services. I have considered creating a Electron app to contain everything through a NoSQL database (CouchDB). This could even sync to another outside database when required. However, this makes everything self-hosted and maintained and thus would have implantation issues.

Today, I need to really look at how to manage all the data, unlike xme, I am horrible at storing and retrieving data.