PancakesCon 3 + CTF

PancakesCon 3 + CTF

The third PancakesCon kicked off on 16 January 2022 as a completely virtual security conference. This innovative conference pits security talks with random human elements. Talks included (a short list):

  • Cyber Deceoption and Fam Fails by John Strand
  • Horror Movies, and Max Making Better Cyber Security Board Games
  • Threat Detection Construction and the Evolution of LEGO

So, here we have some tech topics with farm stories, some about board games, and LEGOs! (who doesn't like legos??). You can find the rest of the talk list on the 2022 Conference Information site.

As of this writing, the YouTube isn't up but you can check out previous PancakesCon YouTube.

From the Thank you message from the conference, the conference had over 450 unique viewers, over 150 people who participated in villages, and well over 100 CTF participants.

For the CTF, I was part of SpaceCows team from apiratemoo. The team came in tied for 2nd place.

Leadership Board (end)

The team as a whole had great team work and realy did pull together to make this happen. Personally, I did not solve any of the challenges because many of these were more on the red team side.

You can read the Team's writeup on apiratemoo blog "PancakesCon CTF 2022".

In addition, I did run through the writeup a bit in about an hour long video, you can watch below on YouTube.